Saturday, April 28, 2012

4/28 - Bruce Jenkins, SF Chronicle

Marty talks to Bruce about Lincecum: Can he bounce back from this slump? Melky + Pagan: Great additions? Defense this year: Are the errors killing the close games?

4/28 - Ralph Terry

Marty talks to Ralph Terry... In five World Series (1960–64), Terry posted a record of 2-3, 31 strikeouts and a 2.93 ERA. Both wins came in the 1962 World Series (of which he was named MVP) against the GIANTS

4/28 - Jerry Coleman, Hall of Fame Broadcaster

Marty talks to former play-by-play radio announcer for the Padres. Coleman served in the Korean War and World War II...also, a Ford C Frick Award winner for his broadcasting contributions.

4/28 - Paul White

Senior sports writer for USAtoday calls in to talk about Philly: Why are they not hitting? Nats: Starters heating up? Derek Jeter: great year so far...

4/28 - Bobby Evans

Marty talking baseball with GIANTS' VP of Baseball Operations

4/28 - GIANTS' Centerfielder Angel Pagan

Angel Pagan joins Marty to talk about playing for a new team, on the homestand, on playing the Mets and Why he's wearing an "I'm too sexy" shirt...

4/28 - GIANTS' Brett Pill

Marty talks to Brett Pill about getting beaned: did it hurt? Last year vs this year: What's the difference? Playing Left Field: Is it getting easier to be out there?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

4/15 - Don Larsen + Gaylord Perry

Marty talks to Hall of Famers Gaylord Perry and Don Larsen about coming over to the GIANTS, Mays and Mantle: Who was better? And 50 years since the 1962 World Series

4/15 - Bruce Jenkins, SF Chronicle

Marty and Bruce discuss the closer situation: Will Romo take over for Wilson? Pagan: Is he bouncing back? How many triples will he hit this year? Belt: Too much hype?

4/15 - Alex Pavlovic, Bay Area News Group

Marty talks to Alex about Wilson injury: Did everyone at Spring Training see this coming? Who can replace him? Belt: Will he get his chances? Schierholtz: Is he heating up? Zito: Strong start...can he he keep it going?

4/15 - Ryan Vogelsong

Marty talks to Vogelsong before his start vs. the Pirates

4/15 - Billy Pierce

Marty talks to Billy Pierce ...He played a pivotal role in helping the 1962 GIANTS win the NL pennant

4/15 - Andy Skeels, San Jose GIANTS Manager

Marty talks to the GIANTS minor league Manager about the season so far

4/15 - John Shea, SF Chronicle

Marty talks to the 'Shea Hey' Kid about April 15th Jackie Robinson Day

4/15 - Ron Wotus

The GIANTS Bench coach joins Marty before Sunday's game vs the Pirates to talk about getting back to .500

Saturday, April 14, 2012

4/14 - GIANTS' Aubrey Huff

The GIANTS first baseman/outfielder joins Marty to talk about his mind set this year: Staying out of the slumps? Hitting in the 5 spot: less pressure than batting clean up?

4/14 - GIANTS' Jeremy Affeldt

Marty talks to the GIANTS reliever about helping Bryan Stow's son throw out the first pitch for the GIANTS season opener at AT&T Park

Sunday, April 8, 2012

4/8- Bruce Jenkins, SF Chronicle

Marty talks to Bruce about Opening Day: Should all the games be played on the same day? Why hasn't SF had an opening day lately? The GIANTS starting off 0-2: Can Cain bust out the GIANTS to their first win today? Blanco + Burris starting today: Will they make the difference today?

4/8 - Mike Quade

Former Cubs Manager, Mike Quade, calls in to talk to Marty about what he's doing now: Does he miss baseball? Pagan: Will he improve the GIANTS offense? Is he a true lead-off hitter?

4/8 - GIANTS' Ron Wotus

Marty talks to GIANTS bench coach, before Easter Sunday's Game vs the D-Backs... about being 0-2: Is the offense better than last year? Chase Field: Is it a run friendly park? Should they close the roof?

4/8 - The Art of Pitching with Mudcat Grant

Marty talks to former Major League Baseball pitcher who played for the Cleveland Indians, Jim 'Mudcat' Grant about the Art of Pitching

4/8 - Chris Singleton

Marty talks to Chris Singleton about his early GIANTS days: What was that like? Getting into broadcasting: Was it a natural fit for him?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

4/07 - Bruce Jenkins, SF Chronicle

Marty talks to Bruce about Candlestick: Blow it up or keep it? Lincecum: Rough first start? Did he bounce back striking out 5 in a row? Huff: Was he over matched?

4/07 - John Shea, SF Chronicle

'The Shea-Hey kid' calls in to talk about Bruce Bochy vs Kirk Gibson: Is this a good manager match-up? NL West: Will the Dodgers be a surprise this year? Cespedes: Is he all hype or the real deal?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

4/1 - Bruce Jenkins, SF Chronicle

Marty and Bruce talking Sunday Morning Baseball...Huff: Is he at the end of his rope? NL West: Is pitching key for this division?

4/1 - The Art of Hitting with Hensley Meulens

Marty talks to GIANTS' hitting coach 'Bam Bam' Meulens about the Art of Hitting

4/1 - Rex Hudler, Royals Broadcaster

Marty talks to 'Hud', the newest Kansas City Royals TV sportscaster, about the new job: Does he have a face for radio? Spring Training: How's it feel to be back?

4/1 - Russ Ortiz

Marty's son..Aaron Lurie...interviews former GIANTS pitcher Russ Ortiz about coming back to Spring Training