Saturday, August 25, 2012

8/25 - GIANTS Great Will Clark

Marty talks to Will 'The Thrill' about heading down to the stretch run: What's it like as a player these last few weeks of the season?

8/25 - Bruce Jenkins, SF Chronicle

Marty talks to Bruce Jenkins about the LA trade: Will Gonzalez be in the lineup tonight?

8/25 - Andy Baggarly, CSN Bay Area

Marty talks to Andy Baggarly about the Dodgers trade: Are they finished dealing? Bumgarner: Will he get number 15 today?

8/25 - Mark Bowman, Braves Beat Writer

Marty talking baseball with Mark Bowman

8/25 - Tim McCarver, Fox Broadcaster

Marty talks to Tim McCarver about winning the Ford C. Frick Award

8/25 - Ron Wotus, GIANTS bench coach

Marty talks to Ron Wotus about the Pagan: Great streak for Angel! Closer by committee: Will this work the rest of the season?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

8/19 - Memories of the game with Johnny Pesky

Marty talks to the late Johnny Pesky... He played, managed and served as a broadcaster for the Red Sox in a baseball career that lasted more than 60 years. Pesky passed away on Monday. He was 92.

8/19 - Bruce Jenkins, SF Chronicle

Marty talks to Bruce about the New York Daily News report that uncovers a plot that Melky created a fake website and a nonexistent product to avoid the 50-game suspension: Is the end of Melky's MLB career? 

8/19 - Andy Baggarly, CSN Bay Area

Marty talks to Andrew about the latest Melky News: Did Cabrera really try to blame a fake website for his suspension?

8/19 - Paul White, Sports columnist for USA Today

Marty talks to Paul White about the breaking Melky news: Will we ever see Cabrera back in a GIANTS uni?

8/19 - Vernona Gomez, daughter of Lefty Gomez

Vernona Gomez joins Marty in-studio to talk about her new book - Lefty: An American Odyssey (co-author Lawrence Goldstone)  a biography of Vernon ` Lefty' Gomez

Saturday, August 11, 2012

8/11 - Bobby Evans, Vice President of Baseball Operations

Marty talking baseball with Bobby Evans about the September call-ups: Will we see Gary Brown playing centerfield before the end of the season?

8/11 - Bruce Jenkins, SF Chronicle

Marty talks to Bruce about the lack of hitting at home: How do they score double digit runs on the road?

8/11 - GIANTS' Ryan Vogelsong + Matt Cain

Marty talks to Cain and Vogelsong about the Perfect Game Ceremony before Friday night's game vs the Rockies

8/11 - Tracy Ringolsby, Rockies Broadcaster

Marty talks to Tracy Ringolsby about the Rockies 4-man rotation: Has he ever seen anything like this?

8/11 - GIANTS Tim Flannery

Marty talks to Tim Flannery about the Dog Days of August and rituals of baseball: Is he Superstitious?

8/11 - Jim Barr, Former GIANTS Pitcher

Marty talks to Jim Barr about the Dog Days of Summer: Is it harder on the pitchers?