Monday, May 21, 2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012

5/19 - Alex Pavlovic, Bay Area Newspaper Group

Marty talks to the GIANTS beat writer about Theriot: Will he be the 2nd baseman when he comes back? GIANTS upcoming road trip: Could they get on a roll? Belt: Is he more confortable?

5/19 - Mike Shannon, Cardinals Broadcaster

Marty talks to former Cardinals player and current broadcaster about Willie Mays: How good was he? Did he really steal 2nd, 3rd and home on 3 pitches?

5/19 - Bruce Jenkins, SF Chronicle

Marty talks to the Bruce Jenkins about Blanco: Should he play everyday?, Crawford: Will they keep him batting 2nd? Interleague and the Bay Bridge Series 

5/19 - Andy Baggarly, CSN Bay Area

Marty and Andrew talking Interleague Baseball and taking calls from the fans

5/19 - John Shea, SF Chronicle

Marty talks to the 'Shea hey' kid about interleague: Next year can we take it everyday? NL Teams: Do they need roster help to play interleague? 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

5/13 - KNBR's Larry Kruger

Marty talks with KNBR's Larry Kruger about Who's his favorite double play combo? Culberson: Is Larry surprised he was brought up? Arias: Is he staying at 3rd until Pablo comes back? Is he good enough?

5/13 - Bruce Jenkins, SF Chronicle

Marty talking baseball with Bruce ...about Charlie Culberson: How will he do in the lineup today? Cain: Does he remind him of Drysdale? 2nd Base: Will we see Joe Panik?

5/13 - Natalee Righetti, Author

Natalee Righetti, daughter of GIANTS Pitching Coach, has written a memoir called Beautifully Different: Living a Grand Slam Life Despite My Disability.  Marty talks to Natalee about her Cerebral Palsy and how it has shaped her life

5/13 - Ann Killion, Bay Area Sports Columnist

Marty talks to award winning sports columnist Ann Killion to talk about her favorite Mother's Day memories

5/13 - Ron Wotus, GIANTS Bench Coach

Marty talks to "Wo" about Cain's great day yesterday: Is this HIS team now? last night's GIANTS win: Can they end this road trip 3-3? Zito: Starting on B-day?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

5/12 - Mike Quade, Former Cubs Manager

Marty talks to Mike Quade about taking infield: Why don't Major Leaguers take more infield? Young Players: How many at-bats do they need to figure it out? Crawford: Is he just not comfortable?

5/12 - Mike Shapiro, President of San Rafael Pacifics

Mike Shapiro joins Marty to talk about working for the GIANTS as an In-House Counsel: Did he give Marty his start? Working with the San Rafael Pacifics independent league baseball team: What's it like? How's the ball park like? 

5/12 - Andy Baggarly, CSN Sports

Marty and Andy talking baseball ...about will the weather effect this game: Will the roof be closed? GIANTS Defense: Will it get ironed out? Bochy's Lineup: Should he keep the same roster everyday?

5/12 - Bernie Pleskoff,

Marty talks to MLB Scout Bernie Pleskoff about the GIANTS depth: Are they in trouble? Arias: Does he have no range at 3rd? Pill: Is he out of position in left field?

5/12 - Bruce Jenkins, SF Chronicle

Bruce calls in to talk about Josh Hamilton: Can the GIANTS make room for this power hitter? GIANTS hitting: What's the problem? What's up with the defense?

5/12 - Alex Pavlovic, Bay Area News Group

Marty talks to Alex about 3rd base: Can Freddy Sanchez replace Pablo until he returns? SF/LA Series: Are both teams headed opposite directions? Affeldt coming back tomorrow: Who gets sent down?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

5/6 - GIANTS' Great Willie Mays

Marty and Jon Miller talk to the "SAY HEY kid" Willie Mays on his 81st birthday

5/6 - Dan Levitt, Author

Marty talks to Daniel Levitt about his new book - The Battle That Forged Modern Baseball: In 1914 and 1915 the newly formed Federal League struggled for profits and Major League status

5/6 - Alex Pavlovic, Bay Area NewsGroup

Marty talking baseball with Alex Pavlovic

5/6 - Bruce Jenkins, SF Chronicle

Marty talks to Bruce Jenkins about Willie Mays 81st B-day: Did he see him play? Colorado games: What's up with the crazy scores? Is the Humidor broken? This week series vs. LA and Arizona: Pivotal week?

5/6 - Art of Hitting with Charlie Manuel

Marty talks to the Phillies Manager about the Art of Hitting

5/6 - GIANTS' Connor Gillaspie

Marty talks to the GIANTS' 3rd baseman about being back to the Major Leagues: Is it a thrill? Batting in the 2-spot: Can he handle it? 

5/6 - Ron Wotus, GIANTS' Bench Coach

Marty talking baseball with Ron Wotus before Sunday's match up with the Brewers

Saturday, May 5, 2012

5/5 - Bruce Jenkins, SF Chronicle

Marty and Bruce talking baseball....about Randy Wolf: Can the GIANTS get some hits today? Bumgarner: Will he be a 20-game winner this year? Belt + Crawford: Why are both they struggling?

5/5 - Henry Schulman, SF Chronicle

Marty talks to Hank about Huff: Why no press conference to announce his absence? Bringing him back in time for the LA series: Is that a good idea? 

5/5 - Rich Waltz, Marlins Broadcaster

Marty talks to Rich Waltz about Miami's new stadium: Is the field too big? How does it play?

5/5 Andy Baggarly, CSN Bay Area

Marty talking baseball with Andrew Baggarly about Lincecum: Is he slumping? Why did Bochy pinch hit for him last night? Can the GIANTS beat Randy Wolf today?

5/5 - Alex Pavlovic, Bay Area Newspaper Group

Alex Pavlovic joins Marty to talk about the GIANTS losing 4 in a row: the whole team in a slump? Pinch hitting for Lincecum: Should Bochy just leave him in there?